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The SLWORLDTEAM is a representation company and career management of professional sports, from the beginning of his career until after she finished.
It commenced operations in 2010 and currently has offices in Maia.
Led by former professional soccer and international Portuguese Sergio Leite, represents many of the best young talents and national athletes of great quality products from other countries, providing them with close monitoring, thorough and professional, always bearing in mind the character and psychological balance the athlete.

The discovery and promotion of young talents is a major concern of this representation company, which provides them with an assemblage of close proximity, almost familiar, where values ​​and credibility are your company’s greatest assets in a competitive market as is football.
Concern that turns out to be facilitated by the professionalism, experience, integrity and training who leads the company formed by competent and dedicated professionals.
This is incidentally, one of the major reasons for the success and expansion of SLWORLDTEAM, which has received several requests from clubs to order their athletes.
The international market the company occupies a prominent place, and agent Sergio Leite a vast network of contacts proximity to many international clubs with great success stories, makes leaving every year coming from the domestic market, players SLWORLDTEAM to foreign teams.

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