After the news coming today to the public in a sports social body about a possible exit of the coach Jorge Costa for FC Arouca, we transmit the following:

A) Mister Jorge Costa has a contract until 2014 with the AEL and with a high termination clause.
B) The AEL and its fans are very satisfied with the mister Jorge Costa for his excellent campaign that culminates today with the presence in the Cyprus Cup Final.
C) Mister Jorge Costa is happy in AEL, motivated to conquer the Cypriot Cup and is already preparing the next season.
D) Finally, we want to say that in a point of closure where there is much speculation, we find that the values ​​of ethics and compliance for professionals and other clubs should prevail.
There is no type of bedding in the news leading to his return to Portugal immediately, since mister Jorge Costa is referenced by English clubs and Turks, which will probably be his fate at medium term.